"But I Do" performed by Kristen DiMercurio and Michael Hunsaker, Brandon J. Jones and Chelsea Retzloff. Music and Lyrics by Abby Payne. www.thegunfightermusical.com

Photo by VPVisuals

The Gunfighter Meets His Match

A Wild West musical conceived and written by Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Abby Payne. This universal story, inspired by the New York City music scene and the short stories of Louis L'Amour, is full of love, loss, and hope. Come along for the wild ride as a rugged gunfighter battles for his truest love. With the creative direction and highly entertaining choreography of Glitter Kitty Productions, the Gunfighter will transport you to another world with a few familiar echoes of our own.

In 2015, The Round Table, a group of women artists I am a part of started working on an original western musical called The Gunfighter Meets His Match. The full show, written by Abby Payne and directed by Jeff Davis, had a successful five night run Off Broadway at the Acorn Theater as a part of the New York Musical Festival. www.thegunfightermusical.com

  • Producer & Dancer for the show as a part of the 2018 New York Musical Festival

  • Producer & Dancer of the sold out run at HERE Arts Center (2015)

Reviews From NYMF

  • "Avoids the hackneyed conventions of musical theatre and gives us music that is fresh, and expressive; the kind of music that makes you perk up and listen more intently." - My Entertainment World

  • "Shows a deep appreciation for the Western genre with a central theme that is reminiscent of the spaghetti western scores of Ennio Morricone (Shara Radin provides a soprano as clear and haunting as that of Edda Dell'Orso)."- Theater Mania 

  • "My favorite moment in the show also takes place in this scene, when the two lead dancers, the very capable Chelsea Retzloff and Brandon J. Jones, come on dressed as the Gunfighter and the Girl, and perform an interpretive ballet dance, much like the Dream Laurie and Curly in Oklahoma."- Times Square Chronicles 

  • "Successfully marries the classic American aesthetic of the Old West to the modern, enchanting, original music of singer/songwriter Abby Payne."  -My Entertainment World

Photo by Elizabeth Leitzell

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